Curt Smith (disambiguation)

Curt Smith is an English musician and member of Tears for Fears.

Curt Smith or Curtis Smith may also refer to:

*Curtis P. Smith (1863–1919), attorney, civic leader and mayor of Dallas *Curt Smith (author) (born 1951), American author and speechwriter *Curt Smith (baseball) (born 1986), Dutch baseball player *Curt Smith (basketball) (born 1971), American basketball player *Curtis Smith (drag racer), NHRA and IHRA drag racer

Curtis-Smith may refer to: *Anne Curtis (born Anne Curtis-Smith, 1985), Filipino-Australian actress *C. Curtis-Smith (1941–2014), American composer and pianist *Jasmine Curtis-Smith (born 1994), Filipino-Australian actress * Provided by Wikipedia
by Smith, Curtis.
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